A black Sennheiser SKM5200 transformed into a piece of art by Michael The GlitterKing

Shure Unisphere 565sd - the Woodstock microphone - redesigned into a Union Jack style by Michael The GlitterKing

Electro Voice wireless microphone - redesigned by Michael The GlitterKing

Sennheiser microphone sanded and polished into a chrome eycatcher

Shure wireless microphone - hand painted by Michael The GlitterKing

Electro Voice PL80 in a bling high gloss version - by Michael The GlitterKing

Beyer Dynamic redesign. In gold covered with oversize crystals

Sennheiser microphone redesigned. This is a chain cover - easy to remove

Sennheiser microphone E935 redesigned

Sennheiser E945 transformed into a polished metal eyecatcher

Swarovski Crystal Microphone

Microphone Pink House Rock

Sennheiser microphone into a 50th art style

Sennheiser E945

Sennheiser E865

Sennheiser wireless microphone in marble glitter design

Electro Voive Kardinal microphones in blue and red glossy glitter edition - created by Michael The GlitterKing

Electro Voice Kardinal in purple blue silver marble glitter

Telefunken microphone in silver platin glitter

Shure Unisphere redesigned

Beyer Dynamic in gold glitter high gloss

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For more design microphones stay tuned

For more design microphones stay tuned

For more design microphones stay tuned


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